New LCA wage rate effecting date


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Hi All, I need help on following question since i have to go for H1 visa stamp.


I am on 6th year H1B visa and working with consulting company(500+ employee. NYSE listed) from last 5 years with same Empoyer.

My current H1 is valid till 02/12/2014.

In starting NOv 2013, My employer moved some of employee into new subsidiary.In 2nd week of November 2013, Employer filled new LCA with raised wage rate with new subsidiary employer name. Then they filled H1 extension with new subsidiary name. I got H1 extension (i797- with new subsidiary name) starting from 02/13/2014.


As per my Employer , new revised salary wage rate will be affected with H1 extension start date (i.e 02/13/2014).  Currently I am getting same old salary which is below new LCA wage rate.As per my employer , new LCA will be effected with new H1 extension. 


Is that OK?


Thanks in Advance.








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