B2-to-H1B OR Direct H1B while in India


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Hi all, appreciate your views in the below situation - 


The background: Used to work in the US on H1B but returned back to India (working full time now) without exhausting the full 6 yrs. So technically (I think) I am cap-exempt and also eligible for another full 6 yrs of H1B. Now, I may have a potential employer in the US who is willing to sponsor my H1B. 


Question: In some threads, I read that folks try to go to the US on B2 and than try to change the status to H1B. In my case do I need to first go on B2 (if I have to meet/complete the job offer formalities) and change to H1B. If yes, will the employer start my application while I am there on B2 and do I come back to India on B2 and get a H1B interview/stamp from India? please clarify this process.


OR should I just ask the potential employer to file application while I am in India, assuming the job offer works out remotely? Is it possible to be sponsored  for H1B while in India?


Any other alternatives/suggestions to tackle this situation??


Thanks in advance for your comments. also, If any one has been through such a situation please let me know if I can connect with you offline

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