Visa interview questions for H4 - F1 COS ?


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I have got I-20 as F1 from my university. But I entered US on H4 visa. Applied for COS to F1 here by mail. It got approved. Now I plan on going to India during mid-semester (emergency). I have to go for F1 visa interview. I am still continuing studies and have one more semester left.


Any leads on what could be the possible questions ?


Thank you.

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Why did you choose this University?

Why did you choose this Major?

Did you apply to another university?

What will you do after your graduation?

Why did you change from a dependent o a student?

Are you planning for an internship or co-op or you have plans to work on CPT?

You can study on H4 visa. Why do you want to convert to F1?


And also some questions related to your sponsor.

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