H1B Amendment for work location change - RFE


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My Employer filed H1B Amendment for work location change for me in October, 2013. Same client, Same project and Same role. Only work location change. Old work location and New work location are just 20 miles apart. For client it does not matter, which location I work from. It just that My employer wanted me to work from the new location. Same project runs in both the locations.


However, I got an RFE in December, 2013. Deadline for RFE response mentioned by USCIS is last week of Feb, 2014. I have got all the required documents except SOW. SOW is also requested by USCIS in RFE. As per my employer, previous SOW got expired on December 31, 2013 and the new one is applied but not yet signed / approved by Client. It may take few more weeks to get the approval for the new SOW.


At this stage, I have a couple of questions:


(1) Can my employer withdraw my H1B amendment (work location change) application at this stage? Is it possible? Also, is it advisable?  I can go back to old location and work from there till the validity of current Petition. Both of the work locations are nearby.


(2) Can I change employer by transferring the current H1B? Is it possible to do H1B transfer while in RFE phase for H1B amendment?


Please provide your suggestions ASAP.


Thanks in advance.

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