H1b stamping doc enough to get visa stamped


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I recently got H1b  visa - last october.  I was on bench until end of November.  And I am planning a visit to India in few days.  Now, I am having doubts about the documents which I have and worried that I won't get visa stamped! 


My concerns:


1. Client is saying no for client letter - they can't provide it.

2. I have paystubs and pay cheque but I didn't deposit cheque in bank account so I do not have bank statements backing that I was paid during my bench.

3. My H1b amendment is filed now - I don't have receipt number yet - my employer said they have filed it in premium processing and the courier is sent and received by USCIS on Monday.  So the petition I have on DS-160 is the H1b petition which was used to file my H1b - that have some other client location. 


My explanation for above concerns.


1. I have an e-mail from my supervisor forwarding HR e-mail which says, such letter should come from employer not from end-client (them). 

    I can print-out couple of work emails..  Can ask few of my colleague to send me e-mail stating that they know me and I work with them at end-client location. 

    There are two layers between me and end-client.  I do have letter from Vendor - stating I work for end client and duties I perform.


2. I received my SSN late due to 'shutdown' and then I opened my bank account late - because of which my employer sent me cheques.  


3. H1b amendment is in process - hopefully I'm planning to get stamping interview date after 15 calendar days. 


Can you suggest should I go India or there are more chances of rejection.  In case my they deny me visa, how can I come back - can I come back on H4?   And then can I ever get H1b ? 


Appreciate your earliest reply.  



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