H4 to F1 and stamping on OPT


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Can anyone help with the following scenario?


My wife came to USA on H4 visa. She got admission in school and did change of status to F1. Her I20 is valid till september 2015. She is going to finish her study in september 2014 and want to start OPT.



We are planning to go India in Jan 2015. She has to go for stamping. Can she go for stamping on OPT and get student visa approval? Is it risky to go for stamping while you are on OPT?


Please help on this.

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Thanks for they reply. 


So what would be the good option?


Option 1:

Go India for stamping before the study complete in Sept 2014. And stamp of student visa. So in Jan 2015, she can visit India on OPT with OPT I20. And if she has a job with employment offer letter. So she can easily enter to USA


Option 2:

Go India in December with OPT I20. And go for stamping on OPT I20. In this case, is she eligible for student visa for her remaining OPT period?


Please help.

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I am in the same situation too. 


From what I got to know, there is a high chance of risk to travel to India during OPT and without F1 stamping done previously. 

It is better to get stamping done while still in school. 


Waiting to get better suggestions from other forum members. 

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