I-94 Expired


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Dear Sir,


I went to stamping in November 2007 and got visa till october 2010.


I entered USA in July 2008 with Employer-A, Employer-B aquired Employer-A in October 2008, subsequently  H1 transferred to Employer-B and I got my I-797 in Feb 2009 ( which is valid till October 2011)


I went to India in March 2009 and back to US in April 2009, at the time of entry I got I-94 till October 2010.(probabaly whcih was given based on my visa expiry)

(As I was not aware of the rules I thought My I-94 which is part of I-797 is valid)


I moved to Employer C in May 2011 and got I-797 till May 2014.

Now at the time of my H1 extension my lawyer is saying my I-94 is expired in October 2010. and I overstayed in USA till may 2011.


will it create any problem to my H1 extension ? what are the implications in future ?


Pl help me out


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