Green Card Arrived 6 months after departing from US

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I've valid H1B until June 2014. I departed from US in Feb 2013 after resigning from US employer.

I received Green Card in September 2013  (6 months after departing from US) at the US address.

I'm presently in India and want to return to US (its been almost a year since I departed from US).

Can I return on GC although I do not have re-entry permit.

If yes, can I still apply for re-entry permit and how since I'm in India.

If re-entry permit is not an option, what else can I do to return to US.


Thanks much and would highly appreciate help.

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You cannot apply for a re-entry permit from outside the U.S.  A re-entry permit has to be applied for, approved, and received before your depart from the U.S.  There is a SB-1 returning resident visa that maybe applicable.  However, because you had left the U.S. when your permanent residency visa (green card) was approved it may have been deemed abandoned and void.  Your first step needs to be consulting with a qualifed, experienced immigration attorney to determine and assess your options.

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