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I am F1 student and am marrying a F1 student. Now additional to masters I have USMLE exams which I need to complete to practice medicine in USA. I want to convert to F2 and be dependant on my wife. So is it all good to change status from F1 to F2. I have already completed 2 semesters in USA and want a break tom masters courses to complete my USMLE steps and get back to F1 before my wife applies for her H1. She will be on F1 for another 2 years approximately . She is just here in her second semester . After 2nd semester she will be having just 2 more courses to get her masters. And also after this semester she is eligible to work on CPT for summer and fall semesters. So, she would be graduating next spring. i.e., by may 2015 and then she will be on OPT period for about 17 months. 

And also during the period I change from F1 to F2 (waiting period) do I still need to be enrolled in school?


Need help ASAP.

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