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I have three questions


1)I went for visa stamping in nov 2013 and got it approved.I got my visa untill july 2016 and my i 94 was given untill july 2016 at port of entry in nov 2013.


I went to india after the stamping in dec 2013 and came back in 2014 jan but this time. I94 validity was untill oct 2014.

note :My passport expires in oct 2014.


question: was this an mistake at port of entry?

how do i correct this a mistake at second time in port of entry

.why was i given different validity date at port of entry.what is the criteria for giving I94 validity date?


2)At port of entry second time.officer wrote INC on the customes form.


Question:What does INC mean?


3)My first name is abcd xyz.At first time i94 had abcd xyz in first name.second time in i 94 it just has abcd in first name.



Do i need to correct my name in I94?

If yes ,How do I correct my name



Thanks in advance for your help!!

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