Fulbright J1 waiver for a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan


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I was on Fulbright funding for 5 years in my PhD then J1 got transferred to my school, which means my school has been issuing me J1 instead of Fulbright since 2009.


I want to ask if i can get a J1 waiver? I can't apply for NOC (no objection certificate) as i am fully funded by Department of state not by my country. I don't have a job from interested government agency. However, i can prove the value of my research in the academia and industry. I also have two kids who are born in US.


What are the other routes that can be taken if waiver is not a possibility?



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Hold on here. This forum is manned by laymen and women and we have nothing to do with the firm. If a firms Attorney answers he or she identifies the fact and even then they can only provide general information. You can obviously choose any firm of your choice. You will not be calling us guys but the firm of Murthy. If possible let us know what happens. Best of luck.

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