Conditional Resident to Sponsor through Marriage

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I tried looking around the forum if anybody else has a similar situation but there seems to be none. I apologize if this question has been answered before.

Is it possible for someone (over 21y/o) with conditional resident status (green card was petitioned by parent) to get married and sponsor their spouse for a green card?

Would it invalidate their current residency status if they do that?

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You are a bit confused. Do you have a GC or not? Nothing called conditional resident status unless by marriage to an USC. Maybe more specifics?

I do not have a GC -- currently on H1B status. My friend was sponsored by his father to get his green card. He now has a green card, but it expires in two years. It may be because his father is only a resident and not a citizen. We want to get married, and he wants to sponsor my GC. However, we are not sure if we should wait until he gets his citizenship.

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He can sponsor GC as LPR. There is a wait for visa number. You will have to maintain your legal status if granted as an LPR because illegal presence is not forgiven for spouse's of LPR.

The conditional part does not make sense.  A GC is normally issued for 2 or 10 years.  Has he had GC for 8 already?

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