Seems like employer trying to commit fraud


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Hello Immigration experts,


I have accepted a full time offer from a new firm A for $$$K per annum and I had started working for them since 1st October2013.


My employer has not shared LCA\I94 (neither original\nor copy) documents with me until I asked for it.I got my H1b documents very recently after putting so much of pressure on him.I have observed that my LCA was filed with only 60% of my annual salary. I am not sure what is his motive to do this ? 


Also, I do not have project for the 1st month and I got paid only 60% of $$$K(As mentioned in offered letter).I am new immigration laws and I was not known that there is no concept of BENCH for full time employees.Otherwise I would have said a big NO to the offer.


In the first pay (BENCH) stub, they have shown that they are paying $$$K to me against Internal trianing and Transition.And deducted 40% against "OTHERS" from my paystub. Infact I was not given any training nor transition .


In If I leave my employer before 18 months of joining , I have to pay lawyer fees, training fees etc., 


How should I respond in these situation ? Your help is appreciated and may be this is useful for new H1b people. 



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