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Hello Everyone,


I have couple of questions regarding the RFE i have received on my H4-F1 visa transfer and was wondering if i can receive some inputs from such a great forum.


I applied for the H4-F1 COS back in May and finally got and RFE on Nov 18'th.


The RFE says 2 things


1. Review of SEVIS records indicates my status as "Cancelled" and the university since July 13, under Sevis number XXXXXXX. As such please contact your DSO to follow up or request a data fix to reset the record to "Initial".


2.. Provide a sew SEVIS I20 with same Sevis I20 number reflecting program start data for the next school term.


I am a full time student and have attended all the classes( no online classes), I am not sure why my status was changed to Cancelled. I did inform my DSO and she has requested a change of status with Sevis. My question is how much time does it take to get the status change, I am worried since i need to respond back to the RFE by Dec 18'th.


Also since i have always attended all the classes and paid the fee, what needs to be provided in point 2.


I  really appreciate you read through it and provide me any help on this.


Thanks and have a great day ahead.

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