DV winner H1 Problem!!


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I am a DV winner 2014, in past stayed on H1 with valid I-94 without pay stubs.

2 years with pay stubs and 3 years without pay stubs

Left U.S. in 2004 before I-94 expired.

Travelled to U.S. again few times after getting citizenship from a visa waiver country.

CP Interview date is fixed. required documents does not say any past w-2 for DV winner.

As per my knowledge Interview can bring either green card or 10 year ban.

I don't want to jeopardize my travel freedom to U.S.

Also I don't want to miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity :)

how much interested consular will be about past stay(in 2004)?

I guess in IV interview consular already have all the information in their hands about past stay.

I meet all other conditions for DV winner.

Please guide me if I am heading for heaven or hell ::))

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