Automatic revalidation at Mexico


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I am Indian citizen and currently on H1 and have an invalid visa and a valid I-94 expiring in dec 2015.

Am planning on a cruise trip to Mexico. Length of stay in Mexico Ensenada is aprox 1 day. In this case,

1. Can I travel to Mexico and return back to US using the automatic revalidation process?

2. If so, what are the documents I need to take with me.

3. Also, do I need a visa to enter Mexico?

Your help is much appreciated.


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You can use AVR. But you need to call the Cruise line and confirm that you can visit Mexico without a visa for Mexico.  Ordinarily if you have a valid visa for the USA you do not need a visa to visit Mexico from the USA. In your case the visa would seem to have expired though you have status. Communicate in writing with the Cruise Line and explain the situation and ask for their response.

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