H4 30day Delayed extension filing but I94 is backdated


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I am on H1B and my wife is on H4. Both of our I94 were valid till 02-Jul-2013.( Visa was valid till 22-JUN-2013) This is our first time in US. We applied for an extension for H1B some where in May and did not realize ( not aware ) that Our attorney did not file H4 extension and we still need to apply for an extension for H4 as well till a month after 02-Jul-2013. We are still in USA.


As soon as we realized, we immediately applied for an extension with PREM processing. We got an extension for H1B and H4B and got new I94as well dated from 23-JUN-2013.


just make it little more clear...


H4 Visa was valid till 02-JUL-2013. But we applied extension some where at end of July or beginning og August. We got approval along with new I94 dated from 23-JUN-2013( back dated).


Now we are filling DS160 for stamping ( going INDIA for vacation and need get the stamp extended). While filling what should we fill for Overstay question?


Should we say yes since we filed 30days late?

Should we say No since we got the I94 from the date of prev visa expiry and we are good here?





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