EB3 vs EB2 question - Attn. Belle/pontevecchio


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I am from India having a 4 year Bachelor of Engineering Degree, 1 year internship (post-graduation internship completed at college) and 4.5 years of IT experience. Am I eligible for filing GC under the EB2 category? In other words, would my 1 year stint as Intern, be counted as experience ; thereby endowing me with 5.5 years of experience?

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Not clear what you mean post-graduation internship: do you mean internship after you graduated?

If yes, and if you have proof of this internship along with other documents such as pay-stubs or salary-slips received from your employer AND if this is directly in the area of your expertise and meets the requirements for the job for which your company is applying for a green card, then yes.

EB-3 and EB-2 is dependent on the requirements of the job. It is immaterial whether you have a Ph.D. or 20 years of experience if the job requirement is otherwise, then it will be EB-3.

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