GC in progress last year of H1B - Can change jobs?

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My 6 year H1-B deadline is September 2012 and my priority date for GC application is August 17, 2011 under EB3.

My husband will need to move out of state early next year (2012), just transfering to another position within the same company. His GC is filed under EB2 with a priority date of September 2009 (as per Oct 2011 bulletin, EB2 is currently processed for July 2007 applicants.)

However, I will need to re-start my job hunting process and figure out my H1-B/GC situations.

Can anyone please let me know if it will be possible for me to switch jobs given the above facts about both me and my husband?

I will appreciate any feedback and your valuable time in responding to my questions.

I am really contemplating if I would be able to switch my job or suck it up until our GC processes have moved forward and stay here and meet my husband on weekends!!!

Kindly help!!

Thanks a lot.

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