PERM pending for 365 days - Can I switch employer now?


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My PERM pending for more than 365 days now with my current employer, he filed my PERM at start of 6th year. 
1. Can I switch/trasfer my H1 to new employer now? 
2. How much time I get with new employer? 1 year? 
3. If new employer agree to file fresh PERM, I am planning to get my PERM filed within 3 months and PERM will be approved 
(assumption) in 7-8 months after filing and 140 can be done in premium, so that I can get 3 yrs from then onwards. Is this 
right strategy?
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Hi Experts,


I am also in the same Boat .


My PD is Jan 2013
current status:Audit
I am currenlty in 6th year and my H1 is valid till Feb2014.
I am looking for advice/guidance from experts on same questions

1.Will I be able to change employer at this point of time, Can a new emp apply my H1 Extn/transfer considering that I have applied for GC before 1 yr term with the previous employer..

2.I am looking for options incase my labor is not approved after audit.

3.If I get 7th year extension approval with current employer, Can i transfer to new employer to apply for new perm incase current perm with current employer not approved

Please guide me the options

Thanks in advance

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