Urgent Help Needed in Domestic Battery Expunged Case


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I got arrested this year in domestic battery. The case was dismissed and i apply for expunge and court approved for it. I am waiting for the confirmation. I need help for the below questions.


1. How it will affect if i want to do transfer my H1B?

2. Does it create any problem in future employment.

3. If i want to go for stamping in future. What is possibility of getting 221g since i have court disposition letter and order of expunge.Also i am waiting for expunge confirmation.

4. How it will affect GC Process.


Appreciate Help!!



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The government will have access and hence you mention that in every form asking for that information. You would have to read up or ask the Expungement lawyer. Generally if the arrest and disposition and every thing concerning the arrest is expunged by law you can say no to arrests and sue any employer who uses the power of the Internet to find any wrong doing like mug shots. vISA FOR ANY CASE DEPENDS ON THE POTENTIAL SEVERITY OF THE OFFENSE. Make sure to discuss your issue with an Immigration Lawyer before you go to get the visa.

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Hi, I traveled to USA 3 years ago on a tourist visa and was caught shoplifting. I pled guilty and paid the fee and came back to India. The case is now settled but not expunged. Can i visit USA again/ Should I go for expungement so the usics can't see my record at port of entry?

Please let me know

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