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Hi experts,


Please help me to understand my eligibility for EB2 Category.


1. I have 3 year Bachelor’s Degree from Osmania University BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application). Completed in 2003.

2. I have 2 year PGDIS from Australian University (Post Graduate Diploma In Information Systems). Please note that this PGDIS was NOT A vocational/distance/parttime study. Completed in 2005.


Since 2006 I have been working on H1B. So, I have 5+ years of experience.


I have done my education evaluation from AACRAO who stated that, "my PGDIS in combination with my BCA is comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree from regionally-accredited University in United States".


The other USA based evaluator also reviewed my education documents along with experience letters and confirmed that I am eligible for EB2 category. (referred by my employers attorney)


Question - I heard that, USCIS does not consider the education as combination of 2 separate courses, but go only with 1 independent course. If this is true, any of my above education will NOT be equalant to USA-Bachelor’s Degree as AACRAO stated that both PGDIS+BCA combination will be equalant to US Bachelors.


Could you please let me know if I am eligible for EB2 Category?

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An easy 3 year degree and a complex 2 year course doesn't equate to a professional course that is required by EB2. i know it is more about experience in EB2, but please not flood EB2 with 3 year degree courses. H1 program has already been put under the microscope due to 3 year degrees and other fraud reasons to get h1 stampings, petition approvals etc..

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