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  1. Thank you pontevecchio..
  2. Experts.. please reply. thanks
  3. My spouse comes to US in a month and she will be using her AP to re-enter. I recently changed my address and was wondering If I need to update the address on her AR11 form and pending 485 application too(which was filed together with mine). I already updated my address using AR11 form online and on my pending 485 application. Do I need to wait to update my wife's address until she enters US or Can I go ahead and update her address too?
  4. sanath_UK

    EB2 Education Elgility

    An easy 3 year degree and a complex 2 year course doesn't equate to a professional course that is required by EB2. i know it is more about experience in EB2, but please not flood EB2 with 3 year degree courses. H1 program has already been put under the microscope due to 3 year degrees and other fraud reasons to get h1 stampings, petition approvals etc..
  5. EB2 mostly consists of qualified B.Tech\M.Tech. I know it is the job description that matters, but again MCA, MSc IT.. please not flood EB2. they are Not professional courses.
  6. sanath_UK

    Labor Approved . Can we change Employer

    Stick with your GC sponsoring employer as long as you can. "Now I got a full time opportunity for a company B who is willing to start my H1 transfer and apply for greencard..." Greed comes back biting you in the future. Stay with your employer
  7. sanath_UK

    H4 Health Insurance

    Just to clarify, the insurance company is ok to re-instate after 4 months. And also I think my 63 day rule question is answerable separately with out to link to other questions like "why do you want to cancel insurance during vacation etc..." Hope this too clarifies.
  8. sanath_UK

    H4 Health Insurance

    I think you did not read my first question. The insurance company is ok to re-instate.
  9. sanath_UK

    H4 Health Insurance

    I just came back today to see what the replies are and surprised to see so many people debating. Thanks for all of your interest. I am staying in NY and just by cancelling the dependent coverage for few months, I will be saving few thousand dollars! Also we don't have out of network coverage with this so called UNited health insurance PLAN! She is back in India now and no point of having health insurance there as medical costs\billing procedures are so cheaper and simpler there. In India, what ever happens, we will directly go to the hospital\doctor, but here, If we want to go to doctor\hospital, we need to check coverage benefits, call them to make sure they are in-network etc etc.. Oh god that makes you more sick before reaching the hospital! example, We are asked to go to emergency room for a stye treatment because we went to urgent care out of our primary care doctor office hours and that was going to cost us TWO thousand dollars! Insurance\Medical is a joke here. Sorry. Now, advise me of my original question of 63 day rule please.
  10. sanath_UK

    H4 Health Insurance

    Me and my spouse are in my employer's group insurance. My spouse is going for a vacation for 4 months and she is a dependant. I am not sure If I can terminate her coverage for 4 months because of the pre-exisiting conditions 63 day rule. The insurance company is willing to terminate her temporarily and get re-added back based on I-94 date upon returning. PLease advise me if I can terminate her for more than 63 days and if that would affect her future coverage or medical claims in the future. She is healthy and have no pre-existing conditions. Thankyou.
  11. sanath_UK

    I-485 Conundrum

    At the end of all this, you end up coming to US more to learn about immigration rather than the actual cause (dollar dream)..!
  12. sanath_UK

    EB2 or EB3 Urgent help BCS(CM) + PGDCA+ MCA

    Your attorney is wrong..A Bsc with PGDCA or MCA is never equivalent to MASTER'S DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE(US standard).May be your attonrey wants to first file and get the filing fees and then extra fees for RFEs etc..
  13. sanath_UK

    October visa bulletin is out; eb2 India bad news

    The In-eligible EB3 guys messing things up. EB3 guys- Please do not upgrade and stay in line as per your eligibility. Remember, EB3 guys could have filed EB2 while starting LABOR, but the criteria was created based on certain eligibility rules...to differentiate 3 yr degrees, professional courses like B.E etc... Understand the rules and look back at your eligibility criteria before upgrading. No offense meant.
  14. sanath_UK

    Travel with AP - Employer I-9 form

    ok, thank you.
  15. sanath_UK

    Travel with AP - Employer I-9 form

    Some body please reply...