L1B extension and I94


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I am on L1-B and my visa and I-94 will expire on 30-March-2014. I have submitted all my documents to attorney for L1-B extension in Premium Processing. I am planning to go to India in the month of January 2014 and come back in same month.


1) If I assume that my L1-B extension gets approved and then travel to India then while coming back would I get I-94 based on my visa expiry date ie 30-March-2014 or would I get I-94 on my new L1-B extension


2) If my L1-B extension is under processing then can I travel to India or can my spouse travel to India even though my visa is valid.


2.a) Based on above, if I travel to India then my I-94 will be based on visa expiry date and then if L1B extension gets approved then am I allowed to stay later than my visa expiry date based on new I-94.

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