H1B and H4 stamping together in Vancouver Canada


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Me(H1 B) and my wife (H4) are planning to go to Vancouver Canada and get our visas stamped. We already got our H1B and H4 visa extensions approved. We submitted multiple entry canada visitor visa in Los Angeles Canada embassy and waiting for our passports.


In Fed 2012, I went to Vancouver Canada and got my first H1 B visa stamped.At that time, i was not married so went alone and I am aware with the process.


I feel that husband and wife can go to visa interview together with same Visa Office at same time and get visas stamped.


Can anybody guide me how to schedule one visa stamping interview for both husband and wife with same Visa Office at same time.


Can anybody please tell what are the latest visa available dates for H1B and H4 at Vancouver Canada

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Please see below for link to schedule a visa appointment.




H4 visa document check list


1>   Copy of offer letter........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
2>   Verification Letter (Original)........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
3>    Visa Stamping Request Letter (Original)........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
4>    Paystubs (Atleast Last three months or more ).........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
5>    Copy of W2 ( Last 3 years) ..........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
6>    Bank Statements...........Arranged by you ( H1 B candidate)
7>    Company Financials(original) .....Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)

8>    Marriage Certificate...............Arranged by you
9>    Photograph of marriage ceremony at important functions...............Arranged by you
10>   Marriage Invitation Card...............Arranged by you

11>   I797C  H1B Approval -------------- Copy ( H1 B candidate)
12>   I-129   Petition ( H1 B candidate)

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Thank you so much dear from bottom of my heart! Kindly confirm below things:


1)What is Verification Letter (Original)........Provided by company ( H1 B candidate)
2)Visa Stamping Request Letter (Original) ?

3) Company Financials(original) ?

4) What if I'll not have ritual ceremony but Court registration marriage in India? Will only Marriage certificate helps? If not, what kind of photos I need to provide?

5)What documents req'd from my wife's end (H4 candidate's)


If you don't mind, can you pls share your email id with me if I need any crucial guidance related to?


Thanks in advance!

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1) Employment offer letter is different and employment verification letter is different. Employment verification ietter is given when ever you want. It will verify/say that you are still working in same company and your salary is so and so and your designation and responsibilities are so and son


2) Visa Stamping Request Letter - Some companies give it stating that  husband ( H1B holder ) works for them and H4 person who is going to visa is spouse of the H1B and they recognize them and request Visa officer to issue him/her H4 visa


3) Company Financials(original) - This is given by the H1B holder company. It has H1B holder's company/employer financial details like previous tax returns, work location lease terms and so on. In my case, our employer just send us a packet which must be given to Visa Officer during time of H1B or H4 visa interview if they ask it


4) I am sure Marriage Registration Certificate is good and if you have ritual photos that will be more good. In your case, I donot know what you will do. Please post in another topic and ask others


5) From your wife's end, I guess you need below

DS 160 submission/confirmation page

VISA Interview appointment confirmation page

Passport - If she submits that ahead of interview ( like you do in Hyderabad) carry photo copies

Educational Documents

Passport photo

It's better to carry the principal applicant passport photocopy (all bio pages)


You can contact me at ************** at gmail dot com

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