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Hello - My question is on a new L1 B/A after rejoinning


Here is my scenario. I started working for a company X in INDIA was in india for 2 years and moved to US on L1B for 4 years. I moved out of USA on 1 april 2012 and back on Indian payroll of company X till Jan 24 2013. As i resigned company X in India on JAn 24 2013, i moved to Canada on PR and have been self employed here till date.. Now my company X can offer me an offer letter for US.


1. Can i use this offer letter and apply for for L1 visa from comapny X again and get employed? Does the 3 year employment rule apply to me as in last 3 years i was employed for more than 1 year?

2. Can i use US consulate in canada for stamping as i am PR here in canada?

3. Do i need do talk to my company X in INDIA for any reason? or its subsidary in US offering me a letter is good enough for me?


Please do explain in detail.. thank you.


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