Can anyone talk with USCIS officer about GC ?


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HI All, 





Since 4 days, I have been trying to contact USCIS Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283.



Person in customer center always forward call to USCIS officer, but it gives continuous music & putting in waiting line & it says, “please stay on line & we will answer the call which we received, etc.…“



Did anyone get chance to talk with USCIS officer? How much time it takes to get ?


Since 4 days, every day calling & waiting around 2 hours, but no luck


And bad luck , it doesn’t talk how much time do we need to wait & how many people are head ?



Thank you,


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Yes, My  PD is current, I have two I-140 Approvals ( one with EB3 , 2nd is EB2 ).

I submitted SR 10 day back

I submitted Interfiling on 3 days back.


I got reply for my SR  & it says that I-1485 is EB3 .


I think that it is not link with EB2.


Because of  that  I calling to USCIS &  got infopass on Spet-20th.

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