H1B Successful Stamping in Hyderabad India


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Hi All,


  I would like to share my H1B stamping experience in Hyderabad, India.


Simple and short, this is how my interview went:



VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning and handed over my passport and I-797

VO: Took my passport and while giving back my I-797, had a look at my company and asked do you work of xxx company?

BTW I am a FTE and my case is EV model.

Me: Ya ( it should have been Yes sir)

VO: What do you do for them?

Me: I work as a xxx engineer and will take care of all xxx tasks blah blah..etc

VO: What is your degree:

Me: Masters in CS

VO: Do you work for a client and who is it?

Me: Yes Sir and it is XXX Company.

VO: Where is your Client located?

Me: xxx city

VO: Do you like xxx city than where you did your masters?

Me: Yes sir, I like the place where I work.

Me: Actually I like many other places and gave him few names.

VO: oh you are visited most of the cities

Me: Yes sir

VO: Ok I am approving your VISA, Have a nice day

Me; Thank you. You too have a nice day.



That's how it went, not a single document was asked. 


If you have all relevant documents with you it is very easy in Hyderabad.


Hope this helps.


All the Best.



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