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There is no prohibition to completing a graduate medical fellowship using an Employment Authorization Document.


However, one should contact the office of a competent credible immigration attorney to discuss what the effect could be on the future of the pending green card process when one is going to complete a fellowship and then ostensibly use the fellowship training in the future for their chosen profession.

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Murthy Law Firm Announces West Coast Presence

August 19, 2013

As we at the Murthy Law Firm approach the celebration of our twentieth anniversary of serving our clients, we are pleased to announce that we are establishing a west coast presence in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington, as of September 2013.

Since 1994, we at the Murthy Law Firm have efficiently and conveniently served our clients located across the United States and around the world through the use of cutting-edge technology and other innovations, always maintaining the personal connection you have come to expect from us. Our expansion to the west coast is another exciting milestone in our commitment to excellence and service to our valued clients - wherever they are located.

As Sheela Murthy, founder and president of the Murthy Law Firm, put it:

"We have had many clients on the west coast over the years. Now we are able to offer tangible assurance to those who may have been uneasy about distance and time zone variations. Our firm motto is ‘We know your immigration matters!’ This embodies the philosophy and mission of our firm, and MurthyWest is another example of how we endeavor to put these words into action!"

Located in the downtown Bellevue Key Center, our new satellite office is easily accessible to the Seattle metropolitan area and everyone on or near the Pacific coast. MurthyWest will be available Monday through Friday by telephone, Pacific Time. As we establish our west coast presence, an attorney from the Murthy Law Firm will be in our Bellevue location, select days each, month for in-person consultations, by appointment only. All who engage the services of the Murthy Law Firm will continue to have the full support and resources of our headquarters office in Owings Mills, Maryland.

The address and telephone number for MurthyWest will be announced in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can express your interest, or schedule an appointment by eMailing us at law@murthy.com. We are excited to expand our ability to help many more of you, as you seek to achieve your American dream of living and working in this great country, a nation of immigrants.

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