Please be alert while taking connecting flight to canada


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Hi Guys ,


I want to share my experience with you so that u can be alert . I was in usa for last 5 years .I traveled a lot around usa ,I had taken many connecting flights with in USA .once i check-in my baggage in source location i used to pickup at destination no matter if i was traveling in connecting flight with in usa .


I was under same impression when i was traveling to canada .I was traveling from usa I had visa interview in vancouver i need to take connecting flight in calgary.My visa interview was on 25 th 10 am .i started from usa on 24th evening 6 i checked my baggage .  I was in calgary by 10 pm . I had to take connecting flight to vancouver from calgary . it was at 11 pm . i reached vancover by 11:45 pm . i was waiting for my check-in bag .I did not get my bag .I went to airlines people and asked them regarding my luggage .They said I need to pick my baggage in calgary (which is port of entry ) and clear baggage security check and then let airline people know i am going to vancouver so that they are going to send baggage with me to Vancouver.


I was not aware of this airways people did not mention me while i was checking my baggage in usa 


I reached vancouver 24th 11:30 pm my visa interview was on 25th 10 am . I just had my documents file with me . all my cloths are in my check-in baggage .In vancouver they are no 24 hour stores like walmart or target . I was so worried about my interview . I was checking with my  Taxi driver . he said 20 mins away from us consulate there is a walwart in north vancouver it opens at 7 am . so i woke up at 6 took taxi and went to walmart and took formal cloths and reached my hotel by 8 and then attended interview at 10


At last i got my visa and airways people sent me my luggage next day to my hotel ..



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Congrats on the visa man after that stress about the baggage..

But i think that was a common thing. when u r traveling to different country, ur first stop is POE and u need to collect baggage, clear customs etc.

even when we come from India to US, our first stop is POE where we do immigration, customs and then check-in again to our connecting flight.

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