SEVIS auto terminated...have job offer but cannot work


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Hi Experts


I applied for COS from H4 to F1 in November 2012 and enrolled for full time 9 credit hours for the spring 2013 semester(January to May). I got the approval notice for F1 in February but did not receive the I-20.


I did not enroll for the optional summer semester which is going on now. Meanwhile I got an offer for an on campus job, but i realized I do not have an I-20, so i went to international office to get one, she said she will print it and call me. But then she said that my SEVIS has been auto terminated and she has asked USCIS to reactivate it. 


Its been 2 weeks now and I might even lose the job if I don't get it done before next week. Can some one please tell me how to expedite this process as the international office is not of much help. The DOS just says that she will call and let me know, but she never calls back and when I call her she will not pick up or come on phone. 


Today after so many calls the response I got is the ticket has been issued and USCIS is looking into it. The school has accepted that its their mistake and they did not update the SEVIS to continuing student. But they also said that I should have reported to them when I got the COS approved.


Any similar experience or expert help you can share is appreciated. 





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I think your main aim to be in status and have your F-1 activated rather than the on campus job.

you can call USCIS on your own once you have the case number and get the  answers from them

Thanks....My main aim here is to get a job....this is an opportunity in the my area of work and i went through the whole interview process to get it....I have already studies BE and MBA back home plus 3 years of work ex....only reason I am going to school again is to get a I don't want to go through the head hunting companies to find one.....I will ask for the case number from the international office and then call USCIS again...thanks for your inputs

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Why do you think SEVIS was auto terminated?

The DSO says that there is a problem in their system which did not update automatically and its at least 40-50 other students who have similar problem.....however if I had told the international office that i got the F1 approved, they would have checked manually and updated in the SEVIS would be the same process but by now it could have been grades is not a problem....and FYI I am in a reputed university who don't admit without GMAT and TOEFL...

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