Work out of US after I-140 approval


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1) I'm currently on H1B visa and my employer has started my GC process. Let us say the I-140 gets approved with 3 years extension before the end of this year and if we were to work from a different country for the same employer for let us say a year starting 2014, what happens to my I-140 approval? 


2) Based on above scenario, what happens to my I-140 approval & the 3 year extension, if I change employer and work in a different country for a year or more, will I be able to return using my 3 year approved extension or should a new H1 be filed? What happens to the seniority?


3) Currently the application is filed as EB-2 & I'm expecting a promotion shortly, if I happen to get it post the I-140 approval and if that happens when I'm out of the country for my short stint outside US, can I update my application to EB-1?

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