I am on H1-B but have got my EAD. What paperwork does one need to file for a job change?


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My priority date is August 2008, EB2. I got my EAD when all the dates become current. I wanted  to ask people more knowledgeable than I about this situation.


I have a potential job offer from a new company and the company has said that they will file for my green card in a year's time from the time of joining to submit my application.


What steps are required to port the application? I have heard of AC-21 but don't quite know what it means. Hence my question.


Question: Will the priority date be affected in any circumstances because of the one year delay? I am assuming that my current company will not be happy. What problems can they create?


If anyone can tell me about any other items that I should be worred about or keep in mind for this process, I would truly appreciate it.





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"In order to ask a question, you must already know most of the answer" R. Sheckley. You should get a consultation with a lawyer who can take a good look at your case to see what can or needs to be done. Prima facie, it appears to be possible to port your case to the new employer without them having to file anything for you (well, if they file H1 petitions, then it is not a bad thing).

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