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My fiancé (GC Holder) and I are set to get married early next year but were planning to get married on paper here in U.S. in the next few weeks. (My H1B will max out in Dec 2013 and GC application is not yet filed)

I was looking at the Visa Bulletin which said that

F2A: Could become “Current” at some point during the coming months. (Between Aug-Oct)


Assuming the date goes current in October(published in the September for the next month) , I wanted to understand what I could do to get my EAD.

What I was told by one of the lawyers was that once the date goes current I can file my 130 and 485 at the same time and it should get picked up and I can get my EAD in 90 days.


Would it make more sense to file the 130 right away and then wait for the date to get current?


Please advise.






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If you are getting "married" in a few weeks, you will not be getting "married" again. You may have a ceremonial service nut for matters in the US, your first date is the date of your marriage. Be careful about confusing the two during discussions or filings.

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