Please Help! H1B issue!


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I finished my medical residency on June 30, 2013 in J1. Received my J1 Waiver job approval in April, 2013. Lawyer filed my H1b with COS in Early June and it was approved on June 19 with premium processing. E-mail from USCIS said 'your case is approved', it contained my name, class, employer, validity and my I-94 number. However, in the mailed documents (i797) they didn't change my status and apparently asking to get it stamped from my home country. My lawyer called and told me that USCIS might have made an error and lawyer had sent them an e-mail to correct it. After that e-mail online status changed from 'Approved' to 'Acceptance' and is saying "An amended notice on this case has been mailed". What does it mean? Do you think they have sent the correct I797 (i797A) with COS? Or I have to get it stamped out USA? Please help! I would really appreciate it!

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