Travel on Previous Employer Valid H1B/H4 Stamp


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1) I have a valid H1B visa till Sep 2014 stamped with company A and moved (transferred)  to Company B. Suppose if I  am planning  to go to India in Sep 2013 and  come back in Nov 2013. In this case do i need to go for stamping again with company B (OR) can continue with company A stamped till it’s Expires.

2) As I had transferred visa to company B( new petitioner) but my wife  H4 visa is still on company A and valid till Sep 2014. As of now she never travel to US on H4 Visa because as we are blessed with baby, now I want to bring her along with my  baby …., so is it possible to enter in US  on Company A visa (OR) Need to go for stamping again with New Petitioner, along with my baby?



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If the H1B visa has not expired in the passport, and a new H1B petition has been approved to work for another employer, it is possible, in most cases, to use the old H1B visa and show the new employer’s H1B approval notice to request admission to the United States in H1b status at the port of entry to work with the employer whose name is not listed on the H1B visa in the passport. This is the same with an H-4 visa.

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