Travelling to Canada on H1B Visa


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Hello All,


I am planning to go to Canada (We already got the Canadian Visa) by road for a vacation for few days with my wife and in-laws. My wife and I already have H1B visa stamped on our passport. Do we need to take any specific documentation along with us other than the passport and the I-797?


My In-Laws are here on tourist visa, do they need any specific documentation to go to Canada and enter back to US?


Any help will be appreciated.



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All, thanks for responding. I already have US visa on my passport (All four of us have) and also have canadian visa. I am just trying to find out if I need to carry all the documents which are normally needed for US Visa stamping, even though I am just visiting canada for vacation for few days.


Please let me know as I need to request the EVL and stuff from my employer if it is needed.

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