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Hi All, My wife got her H4 visa stamping done in October 2012 and we got the visa till January 2013 at Hyderabad Consulate, during My H1 Visa renewal I moved to a different employer and now we have new H4 approval under the new employer.


She is travelling to India and are we eligible for INTERVIEW WAIVER PROGRAM "DROP-BOX"?


Or does she has to attend visa interview in person as I have moved to a new employer and the stamping we got with the petitioner and current petitioner are different.


Any help is highly appreciated!

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Hi pavan,


I am also in same scenario..Did you get any answer to your query?


I am planning to go to india during september.. I had my visa stamped with the new employer in January 2013 (stamping valid until Dec. and since my wife had a valid h4 stamping from her old employer, she did not get a stamping with the new employer.


I have 2 queries


1. she has to go for her h4 stamping. Is she eligible for Interview Waiver Program (IWP)?

2. My 6th year of H1b expires Dec 27,2013. Is there any risk for her going for stamping with only 4 months left on my 6 yr h1b. My h1B is stamped with new empoyer until December 2013 ( and my labor is under processing)

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