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Hi friends,

  • I stayed on L1B in US for 2y 9m 23d and returned back to India as my L1B extension denied in Dec 2012.
  • My Indian company has filed my H1B for 2014 in Apr 2013, fortunately my application was selected in the initial step (Lottery).
  • If everything goes well and get the H1B visa stamped, I am planning to go to US after Dec 22nd 2013 (I left on Dec 21st 2012) to fill that 1 year gap outside US so that the clock resets.

Please clarify on below...

  1. I want to get a GC in US and settle there, what is the best possible option to get a GC if I go on H1B.
  2. Am I eligible for COS from H1B to L1A when I work there in US? Currently I have Bachelors degree with 6+ years of experience in a single IT company and not in managerial position now.
  3. If YES for option 2, is it EB1 or EB2 or EB3?
  4. My wife is also on the same boat, she was working along with me on L2 with EAD when I was there in US last time and she also got her H1B selected in the lottery for 2014.

I know this may be too much for some of you reading this, but last time I was so disappointed sold everything and returned from US due to lack of planning. So this time I don't want to do that mistake again.

Thank you for reading this and please do post your valuable suggestions or opinions.

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