6 Years H1B end and PERM application

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My 6 years in H1B is getting over by Dec end 2013 and i am planning to apply for my PERM is October 1st 2013.Considering the current PERM processing timelines,i think i ll get a PERM approval by Jan end 2014.

I have also spent 6 weeks outside U.S in 2013 and can i apply for a 1 month extension to get my H1B extended till Jan end 2014?

And if i get my PERM approval in Feb,will i be able to apply for I-140 application and H1B extension from putside of U.S

Please advise

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GC processing is based on a future employment and as long as your company continues the process, it does not really matter whether you are here or outside. You cannot predict the PERM processing times and betting it is futile. I would suggest that you make alternate arrangements to be outside of the country post your recovery time.

Speak to your company's attorney who is dealing with your case and your manager to make plans.

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Thanks for the suggestion Yankee Doodle. Have 2 questions for you:

1.Do you know if it is possible to get a 1 month extension (to recapture the time you spent outside U.S) on your H1-B after completing your 6 years in U.S when you apply for H1-B extension?

2.After my 6 years has ended,if i go out of U.S and then apply for a H1-B after i-140 Approval,will it be considered as a new H1-B (or) H1-B reinstation (or) H1-B extension?

Please advise.Appreciate your help much

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