H1B COS abandoned- next step?

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My friend asked me to post in Murthy forum for help:

When my L1B extension was pending with uscis i have applied for L1B to H1B COS in this year quota. It got picked in the lottery.After that

My L1B Extension got denied and i have travelled back to India(can't avoid) during COS is pending.My employer received an email with below message after receiving H1B approved email with i-94 dates.

The Vermont Service Center has approved the following

I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker

that had been filed under the Premium Processing Service:

Receipt Number: xxxx

Petitioner: xxxx

Beneficiary: xxxxx

DOB: xxx

Classification: H1B

Starting Validity Date: 10/01/13

Ending Validity Date: 04/02/16

Consulate notified (if applicable): xxx

I-94 # (if applicable): xxxx

"because the beneficiary departed USwhile the cos is pending, the beneficiary is considered to have abandoned the request for a change of non imigrant status."

Now i am in India and got H4 stamped (spouse working on H1 in US) and planning to come US on H4. My employer saying below.

" come back on H4 we can refile your H1 . Since H1 isapproved you are not subjected to the quota".

My questions are

1) is it possible to refile H1B now? will that mean if everything goes fine can i start work from 10/01?

2) when can i start refiling and how much time will it take?(i mean can i start and complete refiling before 1st oct )

3) My employer also said, i can go for H1B stamping and enter on H1B to US. i am confused here ..how is it possible to go for h1b stamping since my request is abondoned ?

Please suggest me best approach for smooth processing.

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