F2 Visa for Spouse (Please help)


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I have got admission in T50 college in the US for pursuing PhD in Business.

I am married and would want my spouse to come with me.I have few questions regarding F2 visa for him:

- What is the rejection rate like for F2 visas for PhD? Mine is a well known university (Penn State)

- We are showing good amount of money to prove that he can support himself during 5 years of my PhD. (My PhD is 100% tuition fee waived + stipend)

Thx in advance.


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His chances would seem to be quite good if he knows what he will be doing here for 5 years. Study/H1. No advice from anybody. Just speak to your ISA about the matter for any pointers and specific documentation. The truth usually sets you free. If you prefer discuss his situation with the firm of Murthy. I see no problems from the bare facts you describe. What is your PhD in?

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Thanks pontevecchio,

I have one question. My PhD is in Business. I am getting full tuition waiver + stipend of around $2300 per month. The money that we are showing is definitely more than enough of what we need to stay in the US. But it is not enough for my and living expenses. This is because I am getting money from the US.

I just want to know for sure that visa consulates dont forget to consider my tuition waiver & funding. I noticed that nowhere in D-160 it is asked that how I am supporting myself. How would they come to know that I am funded by Univ.


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Hi! I need suggestions regarding my wife's F-2 visa application.

- I am currently pursuing my DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and will be graduating in september last week.

- I got married 3 months ago while on a visit back home in India.

- My wife is planning to join me now, and she is planning to apply for F-2 Visa.

- I read on the forums(online), and found that most of answers to the posts suggested that the spouse(me) provide the required funding that is mentioned on my wife's I-20.

- Since I'm a student still (DDS students never get any scholarships while in school, like GRA, GTA's), Is it ok that my family and my wife's family show the required funding that is mentioned on her I-20.

- Should she mention to the VO, that i will be applying for OPT in july ( OPT Start date - September end) or say that he is still deciding on that?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.


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Hi Om,

I am no expert and will soon apply for F2 myself. But based on whatvr info I have collectd frm here and thr, my comments are below:

- There is a chance of visa getting rejected because only few months of study is left. They might think that wifey can wait for some time. Applying now can prove her to be a potential imigrnt.

I strongly believe that she should mention that you would go for OPT for some x months. In your situation this is a wiser thing to do.

- For finances, it is okay if your family/wifey family shows funds. Just make sure you get an affidavit of support on your and wifey's name from parents.

Hope it helps!

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