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I am working on H1 with my employer who has just filed I-140 for me. My employer is deviating from the initial agreements of billing share ratio made between us and maing me pay the employer tax. I just thought to check if I can file a WH4 against him. How safe is that to file WH4 being on H1 in the country. Will this give any issues on future green card via any other company.


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There is NO "billing share ratio" for somebody on H1.

Forget this whole percentage stuff. It does NOT exist for an H1.

What happens when you are on bench??? How much "percentage" would you get paid???

The LCA specifies a salary, NOT a percentage.

You were just greedy looking at some BS percentage stuff.

What does the LCA say? THAT'S the salary you have to get at all times on H1.

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Go ahead and file that WH4. It should actually help in GC as any deviations in pay, bench etc can be explained.

BTW, billing share ratio or % basis is not accepted and pay should be as per LCA or more.

This is my experience.

In your case, the investigation may take less time.

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