Travel with AP while H-1B renewal is going on?

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Would appreciate if some one can answer some queries pertaining to my situation.

1) My H-1B expired on 5/7/2013 (the renewal was applied on 4/22/2013 and awaiting receipt)

2) I have EAD/AP valid till 12/31/2014

3) My company asked me 2 weeks back to update my I-9 information. I updated it with my EAD information as my H-1B is no longer valid.

4) I have India travel coming up starting 5/25/2013 (returning on 6/26/2013).

Questions :

a) By doing step 3 above, have I changed my work status from non-immigrant visa to EAD? If so, is it possible for me to change it back to H-1B when the H-1B approval/receipt comes ?

b) If I travel to India on 5/25/2013 by not having the H-1B approval yet, I should be able to come back with Advance Parole but when I come back to the U.S. and when the H-1B approval comes, can I change my I-9 information at that point and change the status to non-immigrant visa (H-1B) ?

Appreciate your responses.


Nanda Kishore

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