Birth Certificate RFE on I-485

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I have an RFE regarding my original birth certificate. I had submitted my 10th Class certificate as proof of my birth with my application, which is considered a secondary evidence. My birth year is 1983.

I received an RFE that I need to submit the copy of my original birth certificate or an affidavit stating the reasons why it doesnt exist and so on.

My parents went a head and got the Birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation.

It states that " This is to certify that the following information has been taken from the original record of birth which is the register for Municipal Corporation of (my birth city and state)"

Then it states my name, may parents name and date of birth and registration no.

My issue is that it shows same registration and issue date (I would think registration date would be in 1983)


ISSUE DATE - 2nd May 2013.

It has registrars signature and seal.

Will this be acceptable by USCIS?

FYI - The hospital i was born is no more in business and I dont have the original certificate that was issued in 1983.

Thank you in advance.

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Thank your parents that they went out of the way to help you get your GC.

Om as much I appreciate you telling me to thank my parents, I would just like to tell I know how to treat them. I am looking for legal help not an opinion.

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no it is not..there is a section for this topic on this forum..

you shoudl've read it or have consulted an attorney before putting your parents thru unnecessary trouble and wondering now..


Firstly Whether my parents went through any unnecessary trouble or not, you dont know that. Secondly yes i accept my mistake for not taking a closer look at other forum topics. Thirdly I am not wondering anything, I am looking for advice to make sure I dont end up with RFE's.

Just an advice for you: If you like to act as an expert by posting on as many posts as you can you should try to be one. A professional or expert will never be impolite or judgmental.


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