Filling Green Card for Spouse in US

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Process for my US citizenship has been started and we are expecting it to be done September.My Spouse is currently in US and is on L1 visa.His visa will be expiring on Nov.

If i get my citizenship before Nov and if i file for Green card for him can he continue to stay legally in US and work? what options do we have for this

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Generally, a US citizen may petition for an immediate relative immigrant visa for their noncitizen spouse and a noncitizen may concurrently file an adjustment of status application if they were lawfully admitted to the United States. This would permit the noncitizen to remain in the United States in an authorized period of stay pending resolution of the adjustment of status process. Ancillary EAD work authorization document would be processed and issued within 90 days of application and filing. Unless there is an independent work authorization during that period, an individual will have to wait for the EAD to be issued before being able to work. Of course, each case is different and it is advisable to seek the counsel of a qualified competent immigration attorney to get personalized advice.

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