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I studied in US on F1 visa from 2006 to 2007 and OPT from 2007 to 2008 Feb. During the time H1B visa petition was filed but not granted. Not having heard about the H1B petition from USCIS until the OPT expiry, I enrolled in another educational institution (pre-accredited by WASC at the time and now accredited) in Feb 2008 and attended the course work until Summer 2011.

I returned to my home country during early fall 2011 and took up a job here (contracted by a US employer to a services company here). During OPT and 'CPT post OPT', I worked full time on contracts to obtain the relevant work experience.

Now, I am looking to apply for B1/B2 visa to visit USA. What areas from my situation are likely to be questioned and the factors/situations that might affect visa approval? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Guest Noah Lotte

I doubt you will have any problems....unlike 99.9% of foreign students, you did return home after completing your education...whereas most just stay put (in spite of their assertions during their student visa interview to the contrary)....I would consider you an outstanding candidate for a tourist visa...because you lived up to your statements when you applied for the student visa...(for whatever the reasons)..and you had ample opportunity to remain in the US but chose not I would 'rubber stamp' your application in just under about 7 seconds.

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Thanks much for the insights. I was a little worried about the CPT post OPT thing, however, it looks like it won't be a major concern. I hope the pre accreditation status of the school won't raise any flags either. Just being over cautious I guess.

And yes, I am financing the trip from personal funds and have a plan about what I'd be visiting. I plan on getting the reservations and bookings in advance (in time for the consulate appointment)

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