EAD/H1-B and I-9


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When my company filled out the I-9 form a few months back, I had both my H1-B visa and EAD.

I preferred to use my H1-B instead of EAD. So, in the employee section of the I-9 form, I filled out my H1-B expiry date and my I-94 number. But my HR informed me recently that she used information from the EAD for filling out the employer section. Does this mean that I am working with my H1-B visa or am I working with my EAD?

My H1-B is expiring next year, but my EAD is expiring today (yeah). So far, I assumed that I am working using my H1-B visa. But since the HR used my EAD information and not my H1-B information in the I-9 form, that makes me wonder what my situation is.

My HR seems confident that, since my H1-B is still valid, I don't have to worry about it. But I am not clear as to how one defines whether a person is working with H1-B or EAD.

Can anyone explain what it means to have H1-B information in the employer section and EAD information in the employee section of the I-9 form? Would it be a safe bet to ask the HR to redo the I-9 form and use H1-B information in all sections?


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