H1B Revoke Received I-797E, Notice Of Action


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My Employer did not file LCA even after I started working in Feb 2012 , immigration officer went to my old working place did not find then he called my employer , employer said working in different place and admitted he did not file LCA, immediately he filed LCA for a new Job Location then LCA approved immediately, this happened 1 year back.

Now my employer got I-797E Notice of Action which says H1B Revoke Notice of Action, my employer has to reply back before April 4th. so I need Murthy Law Firm advise, what is your suggestion, what is the possiblity of success rate? , if Murthy Law Firm ready to take up my case, I am ready to book an appointment with Murthy Law Firm.

Kindly need your immediate advise and help, I can be reached via my cell -704 206 9793[bala]

Thank you for your community Service, Appreciated.



704 206 9793

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