N-400 Denial


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My wife and I submitted two n-400 applications for Citizenship.

On a vacation visit to the UK my wife had to undergo emergency major surgery,

I wrote to USCIS and kept them informed of our movements.

When she recovered enough to travel we returned to the USA and had our biometrics and fingerprint interviews, We explained the situation that she needs more surgery and requested expedited service, it was refused...

My wife developed serious complications (a large hernia) and it was necessary to return to the UK to allow the original surgeon to examine her and arrange for corrective surgery.

We do not have USA insurance or Medicare and the operation “ Colostomy & Hartmanns reversal, are very specialist and expensive procedures, and as the operation is in two stages, it is in the patient’s best interest to have the same surgeon carry out both stages.

We have kept the UCIS informed of the situation, and we requested a further re-scheduling of our appointments.

Instead of an answer to this request, we have both received denial notices on the grounds that we have presented false evidence and are not of good moral character.

In addition the USICS seem to be very upset regarding our mode of travel, as we elected to travel by re-positioning cruises, they even stated the prices we paid.

In fact the prices paid for each cruise was less than the one-way air-line ticket in economy class, we simply selected the cheapest and most comfortable way to travel.

My wife’s condition, a colostomy, requires her to be fitted with a stomach bag that collects raw excrement of which she has no control over, and the last thing one wants is to be sitting in a cramped plane for 9 hours and pay more for the privilege.

We are both retired, we can prove in writing all statements, factors and stages, yet they have declined our application, and branded us as immoral people on our file.

I feel that the investigating officer has been negligent and has ignored all our correspondences and evidence and not even requested an explanation, but simply denied us .

It now seems that we have to pay $1200 to appeal to have this officers slanderous statements corrected.

We have never lied nor given a false statement, to the USICS .

I feel incensed about this and want to know how to go about making a formal complaint.

I hope you will be able to help us.

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While you see a cruise as the cheapest form of travel, most Americans see it as a luxury vacation. Medical care for serious conditions is limited on a ship; your excuse of sitting for 9 hours is not believable. Since time was important, you should have used the fastest mode of travel.

How could you not have planned for US health care since you planned to naturalize? You have bigger problems than the date of your citizenship.

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